I was only peripherally aware of the ‘Dragon Culture' before I joined the Jade Art Now group and started exhibiting with them in Tucson at the Antiquities Plus Gallery.  It was inevitable that I get inspired and challenged by the variety of magnificent antique Jade Dragons and the awesome dragon creations by some of the best contemporary jade artists.

So I set out to find and create my own dragon by immersing myself in dragon history and stories of this mythical and mysterious creature.
Eventually it was born, a Transylvanian Dragon, believed to have been extinct centuries ago, a descendent of a long line of Distinguished Dragons from all corners of the Ancient World, carrying in his soul the wisdom of the Dragon Sages from the Far East, in his veins the courage of the fierce Norse Warrior Dragons and in his heart the playfulness of the Bohemian Clan. Baby Draco is a Torque, and loves to curl around women's neck and nestle its head between their lovely breasts.

Baby Draco

Kutcho jade from BC
8" x 9"

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